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Department Welcome Letter

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Department Welcome Letter
Department Welcome Letter
Department Welcome Letter/Email*
(to send to employee following position acceptance and prior to arrival)
Dear [Employee’s first name],
We are delighted you have accepted the offer to join Duke and the [department name]
team as a [new employee’s job title]. I believe that you will make a substantial
contribution to Duke’s values of education, patient care, research, and service.
Summarized below are key economic provisions and informational details of your
employment that we have previously discussed:
Title: [position title]
Start date: [first date of employment]
Work schedule: [work hours, work days]
Work Location: [location to report to on first date of employment]
Reporting to [name/title]
Hourly rate/salary: [$ amount]
Duke’s comprehensive benefits package which includes [number] days annual
vacation accrual (hours per pay period), [number] paid holidays, and [number] sick
To help you gain a better understanding of Duke and the benefits available to you, we
will register you for Duke’s orientation event. The date, time and location of this event
will be provided to you on your first day of work. You may also visit the Duke Human
Resource website at www.hr.duke.edu if you are interested in reviewing in advance of
this event the wide array of benefits that may be available to you during your
employment with Duke.
For the first few months in your new position, you will be assigned an orientation buddy
who will help you get acclimated to your new position, our department and Duke. You
and I will also meet throughout your orientation period to ensure you are settling in to
your new role and to discuss job expectations and goals.
Again, welcome to our team! If you have questions or need additional information,
please do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to seeing you on [first date of
[Supervisor Name]
[Supervisor Title]
*Adapted from and used with permission from Jean Barbazette, Successful New
Employee Orientation published by Pfeiffer & Associates, copyright Jean Barbazette,
1994 www.thetrainingclinic.com.
Department Welcome Letter