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Demand Letter Sample 3

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Demand Letter Sample 3
Demand Letter Sample 3
If you have questions about the Program or any of the dishonored checks you have referred, call us toll free at
1-888-296-1421. You may also contact the Program on the web at: www.hotchecks.net/allegany. We will do our
best to make sure your dishonored check(s) are handled efficiently and promptly.
Allegany County District Attorney’s Check Enforcement Program
212-A, County Office Building • Belmont, NY 14813
Victims of dishonored checks are required to make at least one attempt to notify a check writer to demand payment of
a dishonored check that is returned because of Insufficient Funds. This must be done by certified mail or regular
mail, supported by an affidavit of service. The check writer must then be given ten (10) days to respond. (If,
after that time, the matter has not been resolved, the check can be referred to the Check Enforcement Program. See
the Program Guidelines for more details on referring a check.)
The sample demand letter below is suitable to send the check writer. The language of the letter conforms to the
requirements of the New York Statutes.
Note: Victims of dishonored checks must not make any threats of prosecution (written or oral) to
enforce or enhance the collection or honoring of the check.
(Company letterhead)
Check writer Date
City, State Zip
Re: Notice of Dishonored Check
You are hereby notified that a check, number ______,
issued by you on (date of check), drawn upon (name of
bank), and payable to (your business), has been dishonored.
You have ten days from the date of this notice to tender
payment of the full amount of the check plus a fee of $ ____
to the undersigned at: ________________________________
You are further notified that in the event the above
amount is timely paid in full, you will not be subject to legal
proceedings, civil or criminal.
Be sure to date the letter.
You can vary this text, but the text of a
demand letter should “substantially
conform to” this wording.
You may require the check writer to pay
fee's allowable by law.
Keep a copy of the demand letter and
enclose a copy of the demand letter or
return receipt when you submit the check
to the Check Enforcement Program.
If it is returned as undeliverable, you
should enclose the undelivered letter
when you submit the check to the Check
Enforcement Program.
The Check Enforcement Program requires
check writers to pay the victim the full
amount of the check as well as a fee to help
offset the costs that are incurred as a result
of the bad check.
Sample Demand Letter
In the event you contact the check
writer by phone, you should essentially give
the same information as shown in this sample
Of course you are free to discuss the matter
with the check writer, but remember to avoid
threats of prosecution.
Demand Letter Sample 3