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Demand Letter Sample 2

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Demand Letter Sample 2
Demand Letter Sample 2
June Jones
December 22, 2004
Page 2
Form 10A-1: Demand Letter (Sample Form 1)
[Street Address]
[City, State, Zip]
June Jones, Human Resources
Big Bad Company
123 The Dark Side of the Street
Shady Grove, California 91—-
Re: My Disgruntled client
Dear Ms. Jones:
DG has retained me with respect to her employment at Big Bad Company (hereinafter “BBC”).
Since [month, year], Ms. Disgruntled has been employed by BBC as a Finishing Manager.
Within two weeks of her working at BBC(mid-June 2003), she was approached by (name of
perp), BBC’s owner. Mr. Monster asked Ms. Disgruntled if they be able to have sex now. During
the time that he asked this question, he put his hands on Ms. Disgruntled’s rear end and patted it.
Later that day, Mr. Monster asked Ms. Disgruntled about _______________, a prospective client
and person she had recently met, who worked for _________. Mr. Monster instructed Ms.
Disgruntled to sleep with Mr. _________in order to acquire the new account for BBC. Ms.
Disgruntled protested and said that she would do no such thing.
Immediately after being spoken to by Mr. Monster, Ms. Disgruntled went to her own supervisor,
__________________, and explained what had happened. To her knowledge and as the
following facts indicate, no action was taken.
In [month, year], Mr. Monster again confronted Ms. Disgruntled and asked if she was
interested in him. She told him no and walked away.
At the Christmas party, 2003, Mr. Monster approached Ms. Disgruntled and asked her if she
wanted to go up to his suite and “fuck,” saying that they should take advantage of the room and
make use of it. Mr. Monster went so far as to reach into his coat pocket and produce the key to
confirm the room number he had mentioned to Ms. Disgruntled. Ms. Disgruntled declined the
offer and again told Mr. Monster to refrain from dealing with her in this way.
After the Christmas party and on or before [date], Ms. Disgruntled and Mr. Monster had a
telephone conversation where she informed him, again, unequivocally, that she did not want to
have anything romantically or sexually to do with him. Mr. Monster responded that he had more to
lose than she did. In mid-January 2004, Ms. Disgruntled approached her supervisor, Mr.
Accomplice, for the second time and explained what had occurred between her and Mr. Monster.
Mr. Accomplice replied that this incident had happened before and that it would not be the last
time it occurred.
Demand Letter Sample 2