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Delaware Rental Agreement - Samole Lease Form

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Delaware Rental Agreement - Samole Lease Form
THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT executed on the ____day of __________, 20____
by and between UNIVERSITY of Delaware (hereinafter called UNIVERSITY and
((First Name))((Last Name))(hereinafter called LESSEE.)
OFFER TO RENT: UNIVERSITY herby rents to LESSEE, subject to the following
terms and conditions of this Agreement, the premises at ((Rental Address)), Newark,
DE 19711 to be occupied as a residence and for no other purpose for a term of twelve
(12) months beginning __________, 20____ and ending on __________, 20____.
TERMINATION OF LEASE. The lease runs for the full term as specified above. The
only exception is in the event LESSEE purchases a residence or is no longer employed
by UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY requires proof of purchase. LESSEE shall notify
UNIVERSITY in writing at least 60 days in advance of LEESEE'S intention to vacate
the premises.
RENT: LESSEE shall pay to UNIVERSITY the total for rent for the lease term of
((Annual Words)) dollars ($((Annual Rent)).00)) payable in equal monthly installments
of ((Monthly Words)) dollar ($((Monthly rent)).00)). Rent will be collected through
payroll deduction. Your rent will be automatically deducted from your paycheck in two
equal payments on the 15th and 30th of each month.
RENT PRORATION: Should LESSEE move into the property before the end of the
month, the rent will be prorated on a daily basis starting on _________________, and
payable on ___________________.
DEPOSIT: On execution of this Rental Agreement, LESSEE deposits with
UNIVERSITY a security deposit for the faithful performance by LESSEE of the terms
and conditions of this Agreement. This deposit is to be returned to LESSEE, less any
damage charges, without interest, on the full and faithful performance by LESSEE of
the provisions of this Agreement, and in no way shall be applied by LESSEE against
any rentals due. SECURITY DEPOSIT in the amount of ($ ((Deposit)).00) shall be
paid upon signing of this lease.
POSSESSION: LESSEE has examined and knows the condition of the property and
by taking possession acknowledges that they have received the same in good order and
condition except as herein otherwise stated. Failure to deliver possession of the
premises at the time herein agreed shall not subject UNIVERSITY to liability for
Lease nor sub-let the premises or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of
Delaware Rental Agreement - Samole Lease Form