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Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form
Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form
To authorize another to sign bill of sale, title and other documents.
State of Delaware
County of _____________
KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT I/We __________________________________________
________________________, whose address is _______________________________________________________,
_________________________ (City), __________________ (State), ________ (Zip), desiring to execute a LIMITED
POWER OF ATTORNEY, hereby appoint, ______________________________________, of ____________________
County, Delaware, as my Attorney-in-Fact to act as follows, GRANTING unto my Attorney-in-Fact full power to:
Do all things necessary to sell or transfer the property described below, including, but limited to, execution of a bill
of sale, title, odometer statement, request for release of liens, and other documents, and to receive all funds from the
purchase of same.
Property is One (1) Motor Vehicle
Body Type
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
I hereby ratify and confirm all that said attorney-in-fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of this Power of
Attorney and the rights and powers herein granted.
All acts done by means of this power shall be done in my name, and all instruments and documents executed by my Attorney
hereunder shall contain my name, followed by that of my attorney and the description "Attorney-in-Fact", excepting however
any situation where local practice differs from the procedure set forth herein, in that event local practice may be followed.
This LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY shall be valid and may be relied upon by any third parties until such time as they
receive notice of revocation of same.
WITNESS my signature this the ____ day of ________________, 20___.
_________________________________ _______________________________
Signature Signature
COUNTY OF _____________
___________________________ (date)
______________________________________________________ (name(s) of person(s)).
This instrument was acknowledged before me on _________________________ by
Print Name: ___________________
(Seal, if any)
My Commission Expires:
Delaware Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form