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Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form

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The Delaware durable power of attorney is an important legal document that gives the attorney-in-fact enduring authority, which will exist even if the grantor becomes incapacitated to make his/her own decisions.

Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form
Delaware Durable Personal Power of Attorney
Notice to Principal
As the person signing this durable power of attorney, you are the
Principal. The purpose of this power of attorney is to give the person
you designate (your "Agent") broad powers to handle your property,
which may include powers to sell, dispose of, or encumber any real or
personal property without advance notice to you or approval by you.
This power of attorney does not authorize your Agent to make health-
care decisions for you.
Unless you specify otherwise, your Agent's authority will continue
even if you become incapacitated, or until you die or revoke the
power of attorney, or until your Agent resigns or is unable to act for
you. You should select someone you trust to serve as your Agent.
This power of attorney does not impose a duty on your Agent to
exercise granted powers, but when powers are exercised, your Agent
must use due care to act for your benefit and in accordance with this
power of attorney.
Your Agent must keep your funds and other property separate from
your Agent's funds and other property.
A court can take away the powers of your Agent if it finds your Agent
is not acting properly.
The powers and duties of an Agent under a durable power of attorney
are explained more fully in Delaware Code, Title 12, Chapter 49A,
Section 49A-114 and Sections 49A-201 through 49A-217.
If there is anything about this form that you do not understand, you
should ask a lawyer of your own choosing to explain it to you.
I have read or had explained to me this notice and I understand its
________________________ ______________
Principal Date
Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form