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Customer Service Resume Template 1

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Customer Service Resume Template 1
Customer Service Resume Template 1
[Your Name]
[Street Address], [City, ST ZIP Code]
More than 7 years’ successful experience in customer service and support with
recognized strengths in account maintenance, problem-solving and trouble-
shooting, sales staff support, and planning/implementing proactive procedures
and systems to avoid problems in the first place.
Possess solid computer skills.
Excellent working knowledge using both IBM and Mac systems; Lotus 1-2-3,
Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, CT DataTrac.
Ability to train, motivate, and supervise customer service employees.
A team player, acknowledged as “Total Quality Customer Service Professional.
Develop plan, conduct audits and variance analyses, process payroll and payroll
tax reports and filings, and maintain/update accurate inventories.
Synopsis of Achievements
Increased customer retention by 19%, from 72% to 91%.
Reactivated 9 key accounts ($253K/year), utilizing persuasion/mediation skills.
Proactive planning led to notable increase in morale in all departments.
Created customer satisfaction survey, drastically reducing potential problems.
Wide World Importers, Newport, RI
1995 - Present
Customer Service Representative
Work with 28 sales professionals covering 2 states (Rhode Island
and Connecticut), responsible for more than 3,800 individual and
corporate accounts.
Support sales reps in opening new accounts and upgrading
existing service.
Quickly and effectively solve customer challenges.
Maintain quality control/satisfaction records, constantly seeking
new ways to improve customer service.
Michael Sean Ray, Public Speaker, Newport, RI
1990 - 1995
Client Support
Worked with nationally acclaimed trainer and public speaker in
booking programs. Work entailed heavy cold-canvassing,
working with speakers bureaus, and following up on referrals.
Instrumental in igniting revenues from $58K in 1990 to $686K
in 1995.
Received Red Ribbon Award from National Speakers Bureau for
outstanding work.
Helped position Ray to land VP position with national seminar
Elm Tree Junior College, Providence, RI
Associate of Arts: Communications & Public Relations
References Furnished Upon Request
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Customer Service Resume Template 1