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Copyright Release Form 2

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Copyright Release Form 2
Copyright Release Form 2
Copyright Release Form
I, the undersigned, declare that the article titled _______________________________ submitted for the
publication __________________________ is original and that I/we, as author or coauthor, hold the entire and
exclusive copyright of the material. I hereby transfer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation an irrevocable,
paid-up, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, or modify the article in its entirety or portions thereof.
I also declare that if any items within my submission are copyrighted, I have sought and received permission to
use those items for this purpose.
Further, I authorize the FBI to grant a limited license to third-party requesters to publish and distribute
the submitted article with the restriction that the third party cannot further transfer any publication and
distribution rights. A reasonable attempt must be made to give notice to me or the individual designated
below at the address, telephone number, or e-mail address provided below if a limited license is granted to a
third party. The FBI will inform any third-party licensee that it must include a copyright notice
indicating ownership by me and/or my coauthors when publishing the submitted article.
I agree that my name, likeness, and biographical material, including affiliations, may be used in
connection with and promotion of the work.
Not withstanding the agreement above, I understand and agree that if I am a federal government
employee and the submitted article was authored by me in whole or in part in the course of my federal
employment or as a part of my federal duties, the article will be dedicated to the public domain under the
Copyright Act.
Check box only if applicable:
I declare that this work WAS NOT created by me in whole or in part in the course
of my federal employment or as a part of my duties as a federal government employee.
Author/Coauthors (together must represent 100 percent ownership of copyright):
Name: ___________________ Signature:_________________________ Date:_____________
Name: ___________________ Signature:_________________________ Date:_____________
[Add additional names/signatures if necessary.]
Copyright Release Form 2