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Consultant Agreement 1

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Consultant Agreement 1
DYCD Form Revised March 2007
THIS CONSULTANT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made as of the _____ day of
_________, 20___ by and between _____________________, located at
__________________________________________ (“Contractor”) and
_____________________, an individual whose address is
________________________________________________________________ (“Consultant”).
A. Contractor has entered into Contract I.D. #_________ (“Contract”) with the New
York City Department of Youth and Community Development (“DYCD”) to provide a youth or
community development program (“Program”) with a budget approved by DYCD.
B. The Contractor wishes to engage Consultant, an individual not otherwise employed by
Contractor whose resume is attached in Appendix A, to perform certain Program services not
otherwise performed by Contractor’s paid or unpaid staff, as set forth in Section 2 below
(“Services”), and Consultant is able and willing to provide the Services.
NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree to be bound as follows:
1. Term: The Services shall be provided beginning ____________ and ending
____________ (“Term”), during the term of the Contract.
2. Scope of Services: Consultant shall provide the Services set forth in the Workscope,
attached hereto as Appendix A, in accordance with all applicable terms and conditions of
the Contract.
3. Payment: Subject to approval of this Agreement and the availability of Program budget
funds, Contractor shall pay Consultant at the rate of $_______ per _______, not to
exceed ____________________, for the Services.
4. No Conflicts of Interest: Neither the Consultant nor any member of the Consultant’s
immediate family is employed by Contractor or related by consanguinity, adoption, or
affinity to any person engaged by Contractor in any management capacity, including as
an officer or member of Contractor’s board of directors.
Consultant Agreement 1