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Consignment Agreement Template 2

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Consignment Agreement Template 2
Consignment Agreement Template 2
This agreement for ABC Services at-------------------------------------------- is made out as of----------------
------------------ by and between;
-|- 1
Party: ABC Services, Service Provider
-|- 2
Party: (Name of Client, address), The Customer
The Service agreement between ABC Service Provider and Custoerm is compromised on following
underneath terms and conditions;
Services: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement 1
party agrees to provide their “Desire”
services for an initial period of two years.
Benefits & Perks: 1
Party will be eligible for the benefits and perks as per mutually agreed consent. Any
change in the regard will be applicable to whole agreement.
Here comes the detail of benefits and perks:
1- ---------------------------------------------------------------
2- ---------------------------------------------------------------
3- ---------------------------------------------------------------
4- ---------------------------------------------------------------
5- ---------------------------------------------------------------
Position: 1
pary is appointed as Service Provided for “--------------------------”and will join”Date-----------
----------------”. However, 2
party may change commerncement date as deem fit for our organization.
Additional Charges: 1
party is entitled for additional charges considered, only after confirmation from
party. The confirmation of additional charges as incurr by 1
party will base on actual working and
strict compliance of rules and regulations. In case of any voliation of these rules and regulations may
cause temporary or permanent disappointment of allocative assigement.
In such a case where 1
party found decision against hiim/her is biased, can go for appeal to our
support department upon appearance at monthly meeting.
Relocation & Transfer: As part of regulat activities, 1
party services may relocate or reassign or even
transfer to other departments as and when found more suitable for 2
party. 1
Party further agrees to
serve in his/her best knowledge and ability in all such cases.
Consignment Agreement Template 2