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Connecticut Divorce Complaint Form

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Connecticut Divorce Complaint Form
Connecticut Divorce Complaint Form
born to one of the parties on or after the date of the marriage and are claimed to be children of the marriage.
(List only children who have not yet reached the age of 23.)
(List only children who have not yet reached the age of 23.)
JD-FM-159 Rev. 8-13
C.G.S. §§ 46b-40, 46b-56c, 46b-84,
P.B. § 25-2, et seq.
Name of child (First, Middle Initial, Last) Date of birth (Month, day, year)
5. ("X" all that apply)
6. A divorce is being sought because: ("X" all that apply)
"X" and complete all that apply for items 6-13. Attach additional sheets if needed.
Name of child (First, Middle Initial, Last) Date of birth (Month, day, year)
before the filing of this divorce complaint or before the divorce will become final.
then returned to Connecticut, planning to live here permanently.
3. b. Date of civil union that merged into marriage by
subsequent ceremony or
by operation of law
Complaint: Complete this form. Attach a completed Summons (JD-FM-3) and Notice of Automatic Court
Orders (JD-FM-158).
Amended Complaint.
Cross Complaint: Complete this form and attach to the Answer (JD-FM-160) unless it is already filed.
The ("X" one)
plaintiff defendant has lived in Connecticut for at least 12 months immediately
The ("X" one)
plaintiff defendant lived in Connecticut at the time of the marriage, moved away, and
The marriage broke down after the ("X" one)
plaintiff defendant moved to Connecticut.
This marriage has broken down irretrievably.
Other (must be reason(s) listed in section 46b-40(c) of the Connecticut General Statutes):
No children were born to either the plaintiff or defendant after the date of this marriage.
There are no children of this marriage under the age of 23.
The following children are either: (a) the biological and/or adoptive children of both of the parties, or (b) have been
The following children were born on or after the date of the marriage to the ("X" all that apply)
plaintiff defendant and are not children of the other party to this marriage.
4. Town and State, or Country where marriage took place3. a. Date of marriage
Judicial District of
At (Town) Return date (Month, day, year)
Docket number
Plaintiff's name (Last, First, Middle Initial) Defendant's name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
1. Plaintiff's birth name (If different from above) 2. Defendant's birth name (If different from above)
The Judicial Branch of the State of
Connecticut complies with the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If
you need a reasonable accommodation
in accordance with the ADA, contact a
court clerk or an ADA contact person
listed at www.jud.ct.gov/ADA.
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Connecticut Divorce Complaint Form