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Company Newsletter 1

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Company Newsletter 1
Company Newsletter 1
Volume 1 / Issue 1
You can just replace the sample text with your own for a clean, professional
newsletter that’s easy to share. Or if you want to customize the look, check
out the tips that follow to help you create exactly the newsletter you want.
Think a document that looks this good is hard to create
Think again!
Q: How can you match the formatting
A: All of the text formatting you see in this newsletter is just a click away! On
the Home tab, check out the Styles gallery.
Q: What if you want to use different colors or fonts
A: No problem! On the Design tab, explore the Themes, Colors, and Fonts
galleries for a wide range of looks. Then just click to apply one you like.
“Call out an important point or quote from a
story. On the Home tab, in the Styles gallery,
click Quote.” – Attribution
To replace a sample picture with your own, right-click it and then click
Change Picture.
If your picture isn’t a perfect fit for the space provided, you can crop it in
almost no time. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click Crop.
Want to zoom in on the best part of your photo and make it stand out even
more After you click Crop, just drag to resize the image inside the crop area.
You might use a sidebar for a
brief story about an important
event or a company success
story that you want to
This is also a great place to
show off your mission
statement or other content
you want to highlight boldly
in every issue, such as
upcoming events.
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Company Newsletter 1