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Codicil to Will

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Codicil to Will
CODICIL TO WILL: form to change, add to, and republish a will
_________[Second] Codicil of _________
I, _________[name of testator], _________[if known by other names, add: also known
as _________ and _________], _________[if married woman, add: formerly known as
_________ (maiden name)], a resident of _________[address], _________ County,
_________[state], declare that this is the _________[second or as the case may be]
codicil to my last will and testament, which is dated _________, _________[if one or
more previous codicils is to be republished, add: and the _________ (first, or as the case
may be) codicil thereto, dated _________].
I revoke Paragraph _________ of my last will and testament _________[if desirable
under the circumstances, add: which reads as follows: _________]. _________[If
provision revoked is to be modified, add: In place of this revoked provision I substitute
the following: _________].
In Paragraph _________ of my last will and testament I stated: _________[insert the
exact language being referred to, such as: "I make the following gifts of money:"].
_________[Insert language describing desired change, such as: To the two gifts made in
the two subparagraphs thereafter, I add a third subparagraph making a third gift as
3. To _________, presently residing at _________(address), _________ County,
_________(state), the sum of _________ Dollars ($_____), if _________ (he or she)
survives me _________(if desired, add: for _________ days). If _________ (he or she)
does not so survive me, the gift shall lapse and become a part of the residue of my
Codicil to Will