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Child Development Chart 0-11 Years

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Child Development Chart 0-11 Years
Child Development Chart 0-11 Years
together with
child development
chart: 0-11 years
Physical, emotional, cognitive
and psychosocial development
This chart was created from
a number of sources including:
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and Jeffery C (eds) (2006)
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Online text and chart written
by Helen Donnellan
This chart accompanies the first in
a series of online research briefings
designed specifically for frontline
practitioners who work with children
and families.
To get the most value from the chart, we would
encourage you to look at the accompanying online
research briefing on our website. The online
material covers key aspects of child development,
bringing together a concise summary of research
and theory with pointers for action. It also has
links to other useful resources, which will inform
your practice and give you more confidence in your
professional judgement.
Child development chart: 0-11 years
This chart is an aid and easy-to-reference reminder
of typical stages of development. You will want to
consider each child’s circumstances, abilities and
needs in using this to assess whether there may be
grounds for concern or further investigation. Keep
in mind that the sequence of attaining development
milestones is important as well as age.
Child Development Chart 0-11 Years