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Cease And Desist Template 2

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Cease And Desist Template 2
[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Address of Alleged Infringer]
Dear [Infringer],
It has recently come to my attention that you have used my work entitled [name of work]
(“my Work”) in [describe the unauthorized use]. I created my Work in [month and year] and I
reserve all rights in my Work.
[Include the following if applicable: My Work was first published in [month and year] by
[name of publisher] in [place it was published]. I registered my Work with the U.S. Copyright
Office on [date]; the registration number is [registration number]. Please note the copyright
notice in my name on the enclosed photocopy of my Work.]
Your work, [name of infringing work or description of infringing work], clearly uses my
Work as its basis. [Describe how the infringing work used your work. For example, “My
painting was used as the background for your work, a flyer promoting your nightclub.”] I never
authorized you to use my Work, so your use of my Work infringed upon my copyright in my
This letter is to demand that you immediately cease and desist from using, selling, or
distributing any copies of [name of infringing work] [include only if applicable: and that you
return all unused, undistributed copies of my Work to me or destroy them immediately.]
Additionally, I demand that I be reasonably compensated for the use of my Work to date.
Please respond to this letter by [date – give him about two weeks].
[Your Name]
Cease And Desist Template 2