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Cease And Desist Template 1

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Cease And Desist Template 1
Cease And Desist Template 1
* Disclaimer: The letter is a model that may be modified to suit the facts of a particular situation.
It is not provided as legal advice in response to a specific situation.
Model Cease and Desist Letter*
Re: Unauthorized Use of ----------------------------------------
Dear __________
I recently became aware that [insert name of company] is selling [e.g., verbatim copies of
power points I have created and use; copies of my lecture notes, a recording of my lectures] for
[enter course name/title]. I am the instructor for that course and the author of [insert the
description of the materials being infringed]. I am writing to direct you immediately to cease and
desist from reproducing and distributing my [insert description of materials].
I am the sole owner of copyright in [description of materials]. As the sole owner of
copyright, I hold the exclusive right to reproduce, modify, post, and distribute those materials and
to grant others permission to exercise one or more of those rights. I have not authorized [insert
name of entity receiving the letter] to reproduce, modify or distribute any of my materials in
whole or in part.
Accordingly, [name of company] has no lawful right to copy, distribute, advertise, offer
for sale and/or sell any material that copies, in whole or in part, or is based on my [description of
materials]. I demand that you immediately:
1. Remove all “notes” for [insert classes] from your list of available course materials.
2. Destroy copies of [description of materials] including any computer stored versions.
3. Notify all persons affiliated with [name of company] that I will order all persons who are
not enrolled in a class I teach who attempt to solicit “note takers” to sell to [name of
company] copies of my course notes, record my lectures, or otherwise acquire my
copyrighted materials for a commercial use to leave the classroom and area outside the
room and that I will contact campus police to remove them if they refuse to leave
promptly and/or file a report with campus police.
4. Notify me how many copies of my course materials you have sold and the price at which
they were sold.
5. Provide written assurances to me that you have complied with these directives and will
not in the future accept for sale or sell any of my copyrighted course materials.
Submit this information and your written assurances to me no later than [insert a
deadline] so I do not have to consider further action.
Name, position, etc.
Cease And Desist Template 1