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Catering Agreement

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Catering Agreement
Catering Agreement
The following catering agreement is hereby entered into by:
_______________________________, of__________________________
Hereinafter referred to as “Client”, AND
The Road Kill Catering Company, LLC, hereinafter referred to as “caterer”, of 123
USA Avenue Anywhere, Anystate 99999.
Client and Caterer agree as follows:
1. TERM: Client and caterer agree that this Catering Agreement between the
parties is for catering service that shall commence on, _____________________,
at ______ AM/PM and catering service shall continue until _______AM/PM
______________, 20__. Said agreement may be extended and/or renewed by
agreement of all parties in writing thereafter.
2. Event Details:
a. Date of Event: ________________________________________
b. Location: ____________________________________________
c. Client Estimated Guests Count ___________________________
1.) Guests with special dietary _______________________
d. Client agrees to a final guest count 15 days prior to the event.
e. All specific services to be provided are contained in the proposal
provided by The road kill catering company, LLC. Attached hereto as
Attachment “A”, and by this reference is incorporated to this binding
3. Date Charge: Client shall agree to pay a non refundable charge to secure the
date of the event. The Date Charge is a non-refundable charge to the Caterer for
removing the date from availability from other potential clients. Client agrees to a
Date Booking Charge of $_____________ Which will be posted as date line item
on the final bill as such,
The date booking fee is calculated as: 50 (fifty) percent of the menu base price,
50 (fifty) percent of total event cost including rentals, decorations, tax, etc. A
lump sum based on a percentage of expected event costs. The minimum Date
charge is $500.00. The Date Charge is due on contract signing and the date will
be taken off the market the day the check is delivered.
4. Settlement of Balance Due: Balance due to caterer by client shall be the
TOTAL event contract costs, including state and local sales taxes where
Catering Agreement