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Business Newsletter Template 1

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Business Newsletter Template 1
Business Newsletter Template 1
Lead Story Headline
This story can fit 175-
225 words.
The purpose of a
newsletter is to provide
specialized information
to a targeted audience.
Newsletters can be a
great way to market your
product or service, and
also create credibility
and build your
organization’s identity
among peers, members,
employees, or vendors.
First, determine the
audience of the
newsletter. This could
be anyone who might
benefit from the
information it contains,
for example, employees
or people interested in
purchasing a product or
requesting your service.
You can compile a
mailing list from
business reply cards,
customer information
sheets, business cards
collected at trade shows,
or membership lists. You
might consider
purchasing a mailing list
from a company.
If you explore the
Publisher catalog, you
will find many
publications that match
the style of your
Next, establish how
much time and money
you can spend on your
newsletter. These
factors will help
determine how
frequently you publish
the newsletter and its
length. It’s
recommended that you
publish your newsletter
at least quarterly so that
it’s considered a
consistent source of
information. Your
customers or employees
will look forward to its
Caption describing
picture or graphic.
Secondary Story Headline
This story can fit 75-
125 words.
Your headline is an
important part of the
newsletter and should
be considered
In a few words, it
should accurately
represent the contents
of the story and draw
readers into the story.
Develop the headline
before you write the
story. This way, the
headline will help you
keep the story focused.
Examples of possible
headlines include
Product Wins Industry
Award, New Product
Can Save You Time!,
Membership Drive
Exceeds Goals, and
New Office Opens Near
Newsletter Date
Volume 1, Issue 1
Newsletter Title
Company Name
Inside this issue:
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Special Interest Story 2
Inside 3rd Story 3
Inside 4th Story 3
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Business Newsletter Template 1