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Business Letter Template 1

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Business Letter Template 1
Business Letter Template 1
Business Letter Format
Company Letterhead
Company Name
610 Fountain Ave
Burlington, NJ 08016
Today’s Date
Burlington Township Student
Street Address
City, State Zip
Dear Student:
Use this sample letter as a template to help you complete your activities throughout this
course. I have purposely set up the spacing and content to make it easier for you to delete
existing text and replace it with the content that you need to use. Please be sure to use all
the tools provided to you so that you are more efficient with your work.
Be sure to copy down the text boxes I have provided, they may be helpful when you need
to compose different types of business letters. Be sure to save this document as: Letter
Mr. Carson
Business Ed. Teacher
Sender’s Address - Press enter
4X from the top of the page
(1”margin) or Company
letterhead, centered at the top
(2” margin).
Dateline – Located
2x after the Sender’s
Inside Address –
Press enter 4x
after the Date.
The person to
whom you are
sending the letter
Salutation – 2x
below the address
Body – the text of the
letter, single spaced. Be
sure to 2x between
Complimentary Closing – located
2x below the body of the letter.
Signature Line/Author – the
person who wrote the letter. It
may include a title. Be sure to
leave 4x between so you can
sign the letter.
Enclosure Notation – 2x
below the author. Use if
there are other pages in
the envelope besides the
Typist’s Initials –the person who typed the letter. 2x
below the enclosure note or the signature line. Lower
case letters only. If you are the author of the letter,
you need not put your initials here.
Business Letter Template 1