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Business Contract Template 3

Business Contract Template 3
Business Contract Template 3
March 2011
Co-op Connections
Brought to you by CoServ Electric and Touchstone Energy
Legal Name of Business Entity: ___________________________________________________________
Trade Name (if different):
Business Description:
Category (circle one): Sports Lodging Restaurant Retail Other: ____________________
Web site address:
Contact Name: _________________________________________________________________________
Contact Title: __________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________________
Business Hours: ________________________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Fax: _________________________________________________________________________________
By signing this Contract, the above-named business (“Business” oryou”) agrees to be a participating Co-op Connections
business and agrees to, at all times during the term of this Contract, provide the discount percentage or offer listed below
(or a greater discount percentage or offer) to all Co-op Connections Card cardholders as noted in the Co-op Connections
brochure, subject to the terms of this Contract including the “Additional Terms and Conditions” set forth below (the
“Terms/Conditions”). The term of this Contract shall commence upon the date of CoServ Electric’s acceptance as
indicated below and shall continue thereafter until terminated pursuant to the Terms/Conditions.
Discount percentage or offer to Co-op Connections Card cardholders: ______________________
If you would like to display your logo/image with your online offer on the Co-op Connections Web site, please submit
your logo/image to
jebert@coserv.com. Such submission shall constitute your consent to display your logo/image on the
Co-op Connections website.
Upon acceptance of the Contract, CoServ Electric will mail your participating Co-op Connections package, which
includes a window cling and counter card to display in your business premises helping to identify you as a participating
business. Please indicate how many window clings and counter cards you need.
Counter Cards: ____________ Window clings: _____________
Signature: ____________________________________ Date ____________________________
Authorized Agent of Business
Please return this form in the enclosed envelope to:
Accepted by CoServ Electric
Jennifer EbertCommunications
CoSer v Electric By:
7701 S Stemmons
Corinth, TX 76210 Date:
Business Contract Template 3