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Brochure Template 2

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Brochure Template 2
Brochure Template 2
asseff Mechanical’s approach to HVAC
can be summarized in two words ~
facility managers face a constant challenge
to reduce operational costs. Nasseff
Mechanical provides each customer with
customized solutions to maintain, repair,
replace, or retrofit systems with the goal of
operational efficiency.
Our craftsmen are experienced, certified,
and trained, equipping them with leading-
edge technology. The certifications held
by our craftsmen are Minneapolis and St.
Paul Master and/or Journeyman License
(includes gas, refrigeration, and, warm
air), State of Minnesota High Pressure
Steam Fitter License, Minnesota Chief Boiler
Operators License, Minneapolis and St. Paul
Fuel Oil License, State Low Voltage License,
Power Limited Technicians License, CFC
Certification, and a variety of equipment
manufacturer certifications. Also, we have
craftsmen that are instructors in local trade
school apprenticeship programs.
At Nasseff, we work hard to earn the
confidence of our customers in healthcare,
corporate, education, hospitality/retail,
industrial/manufacturing, churches, data
centers, and residential estates.
To learn more about Nasseffs HVAC capabilities,
please contact us at 651.777.0001 for details.
HVAC Capabilities
• Heating Systems
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Ventilation Systems
• Computer Room Cooling
• Boiler/Burner Service
• Heat Pumps
• Cleanroom Systems
• Steam Systems
• Humidifi cation Systems
• De-Humidifi cation Systems
• Energy Recovery
• Medical Lab Applications
• Radiant Heating
• Ground Source Heating and Cooling
• Swimming Pool Ventilation
• Emergency Service 24/7
122 S. Wabasha Street, Suite 101, St. Paul, MN 55107
nasseff .com
651.777.0001 Offi ce 651.602.9296 Fax
Brochure Template 2