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Blank Lease Agreement 1

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Blank Lease Agreement 1
Blank Lease Agreement 1
Agreement of Lease
THIS LEASE, made and entered this _______ day of _______ , 20-_______ , by and between:
(hereinafter called "Owner) and Last Name: ______________________ , First Name:
______________________ (hereinafter called "Resident"),
1. Lease Term
In consideration of the covenants hereinafter contained on the part of the Resident to be kept and performed,
Owner does hereby lease to resident the house located at ____________________. The term of this lease
shall commence on the _______ day of _______ , 20-_______ and expire at 12:00 am midnight on the
_______ day of _______ , 20-_______.
2. Rental
Resident shall pay to Owner a total rental of $ ________________ for the full term of this lease. Owner
hereby acknowledges receipt of $ ________________ simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this
Lease; which sum shall be applied to the said rental. The remainder of $ ________________ shall be paid by
Resident to Owner in _____ equal installments of $ ________________ each, due and payable on the first
day of each calendar month throughout the term of this Lease with the first such payment due on _______,
20-_______. Resident shall pay the rent to Owner at _________________________________ or to such
other address as Owner shall direct from time to time.
3. Security Deposit
Owner hereby acknowledges receipt from Resident of $ ________________ as security for resident's full and
faithful performance of each and every term, covenant and condition of this Lease. In the event that Resident
shall default in the payment of any installment of rent when due, or shall fail to perform and/or observe any
term/covenant or condition of this Lease on Resident's part to be kept and/or observed, Owner may use, apply
or retain the whole or any part of Resident's security deposit for the payment of any rent and/or additional
rent then or at time thereafter due, or for the satisfaction of other sums which Owner may expend or be
required to expend or incur by reason of Resident's default hereunder, including any expenses incurred in the
reletting of the house.
In the event that Resident shall fully and faithfully comply with all of the terms, provisions, covenants and
conditions of the Lease, the said security deposit (or any balance thereof) shall be returned to Residents
within fourteen (14) days after the expiration of the term of the lease and vacation of the premises by tenant
or after 14 days that the said landlord learns that the premises has been abandoned, and shall provide a
written statement describing the basis for retaining any deposit. The security deposit shall be refunded only if,
(a) a thirty (30) day written notice of intention to vacate is given by Resident to Owner prior to the
expiration of this Lease;
(b) the keys are promptly returned to the Owner; and
(c) the house and its contents are found, upon inspection, to be in good, clean condition with no unusual
ordinary wear and tear expected.
4. Default
In the event Resident defaults under this Lease and the security deposit does not cover all rent due and all
damages and expenses Owner incurs as a result thereof, including reasonable attorneys' fees, owner shall be
entitled to collect such rent and damages in any lawful manner after providing a statutory 3 day notice for late
rent and a statutory ten day notice for any other breach of contract. Resident covenants and agrees that if
default shall be made in the payment of any installment of rent, or if Resident shall violate any of the terms,
covenants, or conditions of this Lease, then Owner shall be entitled to reenter and retake possession of the
house and recover any and all resulting damages, including all costs and reasonable attorney's fees after a
statutory 3 day notice for late rent and a statutory ten day notice for any other breach of contract. Resident
hereby acknowledges and agrees that in the event any statement made by Resident in the Application For
Lease delivered to Owner in connection with this Lease is subsequently determined to be false, Owner may,
at its election, terminate this Lease after the statutory ten day notice is provided.
Blank Lease Agreement 1