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Arizona Last Will And Testament Form

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Arizona Last Will And Testament Form
Arizona Last Will And Testament Form
I, ________________________________, of __________________________, Arizona, declare this
to be my Last Will and Testament.
ONE: I revoke all Wills and Codicils that I have previously made.
TWO: I may give certain items of tangible personal property to certain persons, which items and
persons will, in that event, be identified by a list to be prepared, signed and kept by me. I direct
my Personal Representative to distribute those items according to that list. The list, if any, shall
control over any gifts and bequests in this Last Will and Testament.
THREE: All property owned by me at my death is hereby devised to my ____________________,
_________________________________________ [hereinafter referred to as my "spouse"]. It is my
intention to exclude all of my children under the terms of this paragraph whether born or adopted
before or after this Will is executed.
FOUR: If my spouse predeceases me, I devise all of the property which I own at my death in
equal shares, giving one share to each child of mine living at my death and one share, by
representation to the issue of each child of mine who predeceases me, leaving issue who survive
FIVE: If my spouse, and all of my lineal descendents predecease me, I devise all of the
property which I own at my death as follows: one-half thereof to those persons who would have
been the heirs of my spouse if he/she had died immediately following my death and one-half
thereof to my heirs.
SIX: If any beneficiary dies within sixty (60) days after the date of my death, any interest which
would have passed to said beneficiary under other provisions of this Will is to be disposed of
according to the plan of distribution which would have been effective under this Will if such
beneficiary had predeceased me. Notwithstanding anything in this paragraph to the contrary, it is
my intention that any property or interest which is distributed to a beneficiary by the Personal
Representative or collected by affidavit will be owned unconditionally by that beneficiary. Such
property or interest will not be affected by the subsequent death of the beneficiary even though
such death occurs within sixty (60) days after my death.
SEVEN: If, after my death, it is necessary or desirable that a guardian be appointed for any child
of mine, I appoint my ___________________________, ___________________________________,
as such guardian. If he or she does not so act, for any reason, I appoint my
________________________________, __________________________________________, as such
guardian. I request that no bond be required of either of such persons in that capacity.
Signature of Testator/Testatrix
Arizona Last Will And Testament Form