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Applicant Interview Rating Sheet

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Applicant Interview Rating Sheet
Applicant Interview Rating Sheet
Position: General Office Support Staff
Applicant name:_________________________
Questions (Allow 20-30 minutes)
1-low, 6-high
Secretarial Skills
1. Using past work experience, discuss how you might
handle a situation where you are asked to do several tasks
at the same time to meet staff needs.
2. What kind of supervision have you had in the past and
how have you responded to it
3. Your reception duties will call for you to hand
numerous questions from students and staff. How would
you handle questions that go beyond your knowledge
Interpersonal Skills
4. Drawing from past work experience, describe several
situations where you had to interact with "difficult people"
and how you handled the situations.
5. Comment on the following: "Students are the most
important people in our business."
6. This office is many times "all things to all people." How
do you see your skills and personality fitting into that
Professional Ethics/Behavior
7. Tell us how you have handled past work situations that
required "confidentiality." How might that procedure
impact this office
8. Discuss your understanding of the word "teamwork"
and how you have been involved with that process on the
job or in other settings. How might teamwork (or lack of it)
affect an office setting
9. Due to student needs and staff schedules, your daily
schedule will change occasionally to help in meeting those
needs. Comment on your flexibility with time and any
expectations you might have.
10. Do you have any questions of us about this position
THANK YOU! (Describe remaining process.)
Total score:
Evaluator signature: _________________________
Applicant Interview Rating Sheet