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Alberta Sample Room Rental Agreement Form

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Alberta Sample Room Rental Agreement Form
Alberta Sample Room Rental Agreement Form
Sample Room Rental Agreement May 2011
Sample Room Rental Agreement
for Alberta Renters
Why do you need a Room Rental Agreement
A written agreement helps you to avoid problems. If a tenant shares living space with their landlord (for
example, rents a bedroom in the landlord’s home), then the Residential Tenancies Act does not apply, so a
written agreement is the best protection that a landlord and a tenant can have. In a room rental situation,
neither the landlord nor the tenant has to follow the rules contained in the law. This means that if you are
renting a room from your landlord, you may find yourself evicted with little notice. If you are a landlord,
you may find it difficult to collect unpaid rent, or keep a deposit, without having a written agreement.
If you have a written agreement, then the rules and terms contained in the written agreement will apply
to the renting relationship. An agreement adds certainty, and allows both the landlord and the tenant to
know what is expected of them throughout the renting relationship.
What should a Room Rental Agreement say
The attached sample Room Rental Agreement contains examples of the types of things that can be
covered by an agreement. The sample Room Rental Agreement will provide you with a general idea of the
terms that are important to include in your own written agreement, including rent, house rules, deposits,
how to end the agreement, and how to deal with disputes. The sample Agreement contains some terms
that may not apply to your situation, so the Room Rental Agreement should be adapted to fit your
particular arrangements. Additional terms should be added if they are needed.
The sample Room Rental Agreement is provided for information purposes only and nothing in the
Room Rental Agreement constitutes legal advice. The contents are provided as an information service and
should not be relied upon for legal decision-making. The use of the sample Room Rental Agreement in
no way creates a type of agreement or contract with the author(s). The sample Room Rental Agreement
was developed in Alberta, Canada. The sample Room Rental Agreement incorporates the laws of Alberta.
The laws in other jurisdictions may be different. You should contact a lawyer if you have any questions
regarding applicable laws in your jurisdiction and to receive legal advice.
Alberta Sample Room Rental Agreement Form