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Alberta Child Support Data Sheet

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Alberta Child Support Data Sheet
Alberta Child Support Data Sheet
Child Support Data Sheets
Before you Begin:
If you are representing yourself in a child support application, or doing your own divorce
and there are children involved, you must complete the attached Child Support Data
Sheets and bring them to Family Justice Services / Family Law Information Centre to
be reviewed.
The Family Law Information Centre staff will provide you with a Review Memo and
Child Support Summary Sheet to bring with you to court, or to file with your application
for Divorce Judgment.
Gather up the documents you will need to prove your case
When having the Data Sheets reviewed, you must provide proof of your income, such
! Your latest pay stub, if it shows your total year-to-date income, or a letter from
your employer(s) stating your total income this year, or other proof of your total
gross income this year; and
! Your last year=s tax return and/or Notice of Assessment/Re-assessment from
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (available from their office at 220 - 4
Avenue S.E.);
! If you are self employed, the financial statements for the business, including an
accounting of income and expenses for this year.
If you have the same information for the other parent, you must provide that as well.
You may be asked to provide additional information before the review can be
Fill in the Child Support Data Sheet
If you are asking only for the table amounts, complete only the names and the
income section on page 1.
If there are special or extraordinary expenses, also complete the Tax
Information, Annual Spousal Support and Additional Annual Special Expenses
sections on page 1 and page 2.
If you or the other party are claiming Undue Hardship, complete the entire form.
Alberta Child Support Data Sheet