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Alaska Warranty Deed Form

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Alaska Warranty Deed Form
Alaska Warranty Deed Form
A.S. 34.15.030
The Grantor(s),
whose mailing address is:_______________________________________________________
for and in consideration of Ten Dollars ($10.00), and other good and valuable consideration, in
hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, conveys and warrants to the
whose mailing address is: _______________________________________________________
the following described real property:
Subject to reservations and exceptions in U.S. and/or State of Alaska Patents and in
Acts authorizing the issuance thereof; easements, right-of-ways, covenants, conditions,
reservations, notes on plat, and all other restrictions of record, if any.
Date: ____________________
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on the _______ day of
______________, 20____ by ____________________________________________________.
Notary Public for Alaska
My Commission Expires: _______________
Return to: Grantee(s)
Alaska Warranty Deed Form