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Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form

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Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form
Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form
Sample Season Hunting Lease
[This form may also serve as a lease for a longer period of time.]
COUNTY OF: ______________________________
This Hunting Lease Agreement is made by an between
_________________________________________ [Landowner] hereinafter called LESSOR and
_________________________________________ [Hunters or Hunting Club] hereinafter called
1. LESSOR does hereby lease to LESSEES, for the purpose of hunting white-tailed deer during the
season established and in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations of the Alabama
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of Game and Fish, the following
described premises located in ___________________________ County, Alabama:
[Place legal description of property here.]
2. The term of this lease is for the 20_____ white-tailed deer season, which season is scheduled to
begin on or about the ____________ day of November and ending on or about January 31,
3. The consideration to be paid by LESSEES to LESSOR at
_______________________________________ County, Alabama, is $ _________________ in
cash, one-half of the total to be paid on or before ______________________________, 20_____
and the balance to be paid on or before __________________________________, 20_____
Failure to pay the second installment shall thereupon terminate and cancel the lease and the amount
already paid shall be forfeited as liquidated damages for the breach of the agreement. If LESSEES
default in the performance of any of the covenant or conditions hereof, then such breach shall cause
an immediate termination of this lease and a forfeiture to LESSOR of all rentals prepaid. In the
event that a lawsuit arises out of or in connection with this lease agreement and the rights of the
parties thereof, the prevailing party may recover not only actual damages and costs but also
reasonable attorney's fees expended in the matter.
4. In the event any hunter in the hunting club paying consideration for this lease fails to execute the
same, then those hunter s executing the agreement shall be deemed as agents for such other hunters
Alabama Season Hunting Lease Form