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Alabama Month to Month Lease Agreement

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Alabama Month to Month Lease Agreement
Alabama Month to Month Lease Agreement
FORM 401 – Residential Lease – Long Version
Last Updated: 12-11-2006
State of ALABAMA
County of____________________
This rental agreement made at ______________, ALABAMA, on this ____ day of
_____________, _______, by and between Tenant(s)_________________________________
(hereinafter called “TENANT"), and________________________________________________
Owner (hereinafter called "LANDLORD"), shall provide as follows:
1. This Rental Agreement is governed by the provisions of the Alabama Uniform
Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 2006.
2. LOCATION: The Landlord hereby rents to the Tenant and the Tenant hereby rents from
the Landlord a parcel of property located in the county of State of ALABAMA which parcel of land
with improvements will constitute the premises. Said parcel of land is more particularly described
as follows: __________________________________________________
3. TERMS: This Rental Agreement shall commence on the ____ day of_______________
___________, and end on the ______day of ______________. Tenant covenants thatupon the
termination of this Rental Agreement, or any extension thereof that Tenant will quietly and
peaceably deliver up possession of the premises in good order and condition, reasonable wear
and tear expected, free of Tenant's personal property, garbage and other waste, and return all
keys to the Landlord.
BEFORE 1978: See Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Addendum attached (only applies to most
rental properties built before 1978.)
5. RENTAL APPLICATION: The Tenant acknowledges that the Landlord has relied upon
the rental application, a copy of which is attached hereto, as an inducement for entering into this
agreement, and the Tenant warrants to the Landlord that the facts stated in the application are
true to the best of Tenant's knowledge. If any facts stated in the rental application prove
to be
untrue, the Landlord hall have the right to terminate the residency immediately and to collect from
the Tenant any damages resulting therefrom.
6. RENT: Tenant agrees to pay Landlord a rent of $_______ per month,
payable in advance, on or before the first day of every month during said term for a total
rent of $________ . The rent is payable to: ________________________ or as Tenant
may be advised from time to time in writing. Tenant agrees that failure to pay rent pursuant
to the terms hereof is a willful violation of this Rental Agreement.
Alabama Month to Month Lease Agreement