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Alabama Divorce Complaint 1

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Alabama Divorce Complaint 1
Alabama Divorce Complaint 1
Rev. 10/08 © 2008 Alabama State Bar
Divorce Complaint
(No minor children, no assets or debts for the Court to divide)
Case Number (the clerk fills this in):
In the Circuit Court of (county): ________________________________
County, Alabama
In re the marriage of:
Your first and last name
(You are the Plaintiff – the person filing for divorce)
Your spouse’s first and last name
(Your spouse is the Defendant)
Plaintiff’s Information
Mailing address:
City, state, zip:
Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Phone #:
Defendant’s Information
Home address:
City, state, zip:
Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Phone #:
q I am the Plaintiff in this case. I agree that the Court can make decisions in this case.
I declare that the following information is true:
The Defendant is age 19, or older.
I have resided in Alabama for the last 6 months.
The Defendant and I were legally married on
(city and state):
The Defendant and I no longer live together. We separated on (date):
We last lived together in
(county and state):
The Defendant and I have no children from this marriage under the age of 19, and the Wife is not
The Defendant and I have already divided our personal property (automobiles, furniture, clothing, bank
accounts, etc.) and do not need a court order to divide our property.
The Defendant and I do not own any real estate together, such as a house or land.
The Defendant and I do not have any joint debts that need to be divided by the court.
The Defendant and I can no longer get along nor live together. We argue and cannot get along.
The marriage is broken down and cannot be fixed. It is not in our best interests to keep trying to fix it.
I ask the Court to (check all that apply):
Approve this Divorce Complaint, which would end my marriage forever.
Order the Defendant to pay all court costs.
c. Give me back my former name (list former name here):
I also ask the Court to make any other orders I may be entitled to.
I swear that all of the information I provided above is complete and accurate. I understand that if I lie
on this form, I can be fined and sent to jail.
Sign below in front of a notary:
Notary fills out below—
Sworn to and subscribed before me, the undersigned authority,
By (Print name of notary):
On this date:
Notary signs here Date notary’s commission expires
(Notary’s seal here)
( )
( )
Alabama Divorce Complaint 1