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ADFL College Brochure

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ADFL College Brochure
ADFL College Brochure
KNOWING another language enriches your
personal life, expands the range of professional
opportunities open to you, and increases your
power to act as a citizen of the world. At the
college level you can begin a new language or
build on your knowledge of a language that
you have already studied. College may also be the
rst chance you will have to study languages such
as Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. Forget
the myth that you have to learn languages as a
and more effective learners than small children.
Improved Career Prospects
Com pe ti tion for the best jobs and for admission to
Directly and indirectly the study of languages and their
cultures and literatures will provide you with important
job-related knowledge and skills that can give you a
job-related knowledge and skills that can give you a
competitive edge. These include the ability to solve prob-
lems and to think analytically and creatively, to com-
municate eff ectively and con dently in writing and in
person, and to act with versatility and exibility. Leaders
and decision makers must be able to access information,
to understand it, and to interpret it critically; linguistic
and cultural knowledge is essential to meeting these
challenges. Because you can communicate and connect
with people of other cultures and nationalities, you will
with people of other cultures and nationalities, you will
be able to establish and maintain personal and profes-
sional contacts. In business, any cross-cultural eff ort for
cooperation, sales, or negotiation will bene t from your
ex pe ri ence of other languages and their communities.
To be an eff ective professional, such as a doctor, lawyer,
educator, artist, or scientist, communicating and inves-
tigating new knowledge in other languages as well as
in English are essential in the increasingly international
workplace. Exposure to another culture through its
workplace. Exposure to another culture through its
language will position you more favorably for success in
your career, whatever career you may choose.
your career, whatever career you may choose.
Effective Local, National,
and World Citizenship
In addition to providing you with knowledge, skills,
and attitudes that are necessary in the workplace,
the study of languages, literatures, and cultures, like
the study of history, philosophy, or mathematics,
helps you develop the analytic skills needed to
be an eff ective participant in local and national
discussions. Studying languages in the context of
history, politics, and popular culture can help you
follow international events with insight, opening
up perspectives to make you an informed and
responsible citizen of your country and of the world.
Language and the Internet
Language study introduces you to new realms
of ideas, customs, habits, and values. In both
professional and personal ways, the twenty-
rst century places demands on peoples global
knowledge. As the Internet has changed the way
we think about the transfer of information, so
has it eliminated the sense of distance between us
and the citizens of other countries. Materials from
around the world, for both business and pleasure,
are available to every person who has access to a
computer. Diverse cultures in contact with one
another can create unprecedented opportunities
for exchange, cooperation, and mutual benefi t.
International contacts are an integral part of many
careers, and people without the skill and sensitivity
to deal with other cultures are at a disadvantage.
Modern Language Association
26 Broadway, 3rd fl oor
New York, NY 10004-1789
Language Study
in the Age of
The College-Level
Educators, advisers, and parents may obtain individual
copies or packets of twenty of this brochure at no charge by
writing the Offi ce of Foreign Language Programs at the MLA;
[email protected] is brochure may be duplicated.
ADFL College Brochure