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At Speedy Template, We provide all kinds of template forms for you to download for free. This is an informative website and we dedicate to help those in need. Template forms include power of attorney,bill of sales. When it comes to template forms, Speedy Templateis the best website to download templates you need.

We believe that only the right kind of information can rule.

Hence, this website is not about bouncing information around or coughing up fluffy words to get you interested in random content. What we offer is a free service that lets you save time, effort and money in your search for information. We have taken out the guesswork for you – we have collated and organized documents that you can download, customize, and use.

Here are some of the things we have in store for you:

  • Template for living wills
  • Different samples of power of attorney forms
  • Advance directive form
  • Waiver of subrogation
  • Provisional waiver of unlawful presence

Most of the time, you will also find material on how to properly make use of the downloadable documents you find here. We’ve included those to help you:

  • differentiate one from the other
  • for those times when you’re not really sure which form to get
  • figure out which form or template goes best with others
  • know how to customize each one to fit your specific need.

This way, you do not need to do a different search for “how to use form X” or “waiver Y sample”. Did we not tell you we would help you save time, effort, and money?

  • Power of Attorney Template

    Among all of our free templates, waivers, and forms for download, Power of Attorney is one of the most downloaded by users. We have included different kinds of Power of Attorney (POA) forms like:

    • General Power of Attorney Template
    • Limited Power of Attorney Template
    • Healthcare Power of Attorney Template
    • Durable Power of Attorney Template
    • Springing Power of Attorney Template
    • Special Power of Attorney Template

    Each kind of form has a different purpose but you are bound to find the exact one you need right here. It is so easy to download and customize since there are spaces for signatures and pertinent details.

  • Rent and Lease Template

    Rent and Lease templates are the kinds of forms and waivers essential to every landlord, building owner and even to renters. As a landlord or building owner, you have to be sure that all bases are covered in terms of your property protection and payments. As a renter, it is important to see what is supposed to be in the forms so you know for sure that your landlord is making you sign the right thing and that your rights are also protected. The templates you find here are easy to use and absolutely free to download. Choose one that works best for your situation and customize away!

  • Invoice Template

    Whether you provide a product or service, invoice templates are necessary to have. These types of forms make your business look very professional, make sure you get your service or product paid, and make it easy for you to keep track of inbound and outbound financial transactions. We have a wide variety of invoice templates for you to choose from - so you can find the right one that fits the nature of your business. Invoice templates as well as other forms and waivers are all free to download so make sure to come back for the other ones that you need.

  • Receipt Template

    You cannot have a business and not have a receipt. It does not matter if you offer freelance services, sell products online, or have a storefront of your own. Receipts are necessary so there is clarity as to how much your client needs to pay. Receipt templates do not always have to be boring. As long as they have the standard information, receipts can be cute or fun too. The templates and forms we have for you are free to download so you can easily customize to incorporate your branding. Our vast collection of receipt forms covers various industries too. So it is next to impossible not to find the one you need.

  • Bill of Sale Template

    It is not that easy to find free bill of sale forms for download since these kinds of templates are not used as often as other forms or waivers. We have taken all the best ones out there in the worldwide web so you do not have to spend hours looking for the right one you need. The bill of sale forms you will find here are not just free, they are also easy to use and customize for whatever purpose they may serve you. Isn’t it amazing how much time, effort, and money you save by just searching for your template needs here?

  • Menu Template

    New to the food and restaurant business? We’ve got you covered with free menu templates, forms, and waivers you need for your business. We don’t just provide them for viewing, you can also download and customize as you wish! And let us admit that these days, menus that are more aesthetically appealing get attention more quickly. Download any of the forms and templates here, add your clever product names, prices, and photos, print them and you are good to go. And did we mention menu templates work on other service menus too? You can even use them for a salon or car shop for example.

  • Contract Template

    Have you noticed how much contracts you have signed since becoming an adult? Contracts are basically fuel of the legal system. Not a lot of people get sued if there are no contracts in place. Sure we all know those legally mandated contracts for marriage and the like. But those aren’t useful for the smaller and more specific agreements we make in our lives. This is why we’ve made all sorts of contract templates, forms and waivers available for you -free to download! You can easily customize and use them for freelance work, employment agreements, rent, and lease and so much more. 

  • Survey Template

    Survey templates are useful for all sorts of research work -educational, market, human resources, government census and even for daily living concerns. Survey forms are so easy to use but the they’re not as easy to make from scratch. However, with the help of the templates we have in here, you can whip up your own survey in a matter of minutes. And do not forget to include the informed consent and release of information waivers too -they are a must for surveys. Look no further because they are all here, free for you to download and customize.

  • Resume Template

    Having trouble landing that job of your dreams? Wondering how to get your name at the top of that short list? Well, it might not be you - it might be your resume. Every job seeker needs to know that the resume is an important tool for making that “first impression”. Gone are the days when resumes look all the same. We’ve rounded up the best templates you can use so all you really have to do is input you information and your resume is one its way to the top of the pile. The resume templates are free to download and so are all the other waivers we have in here.

  • Timeline Template

    Timelines not just for Facebook. They are necessary for those big school research papers as well as important job reports. Although they seem easy to make from scratch, there are specific timelines that are easier to grasp depending on the nature of the data. Luckily, we’ve made timeline templates available here, free for you to download. Impress your professor or your boss with the right kind of data and the proper presentation too. While you’re here, you might want to look at release of information waivers and other important forms you may need at work or in school.

  • Have you ever been asked to make a business proposal and found yourself dumfounded not knowing where to start? There’s no shame in that. It happens to most everyone. Templates or forms for business proposals are quite hard to come by. Perhaps those high-ups in the corporate ladder don’t really bother sharing their know-hows. However, you have come to the right place. We’ve come up with a more than decent compilation of business proposal templates, forms and waivers which are free for you to download and customize. These are quick to use so you can start impressing your boss or possible business partner right away.

  • Business Proposal Template

    Have you ever been asked to make a business proposal and found yourself dumfounded not knowing where to start? There’s no shame in that. It happens to most everyone. Templates or forms for business proposals are quite hard to come by. Perhaps those high-ups in the corporate ladder don’t really bother sharing their know-hows. However, you have come to the right place. We’ve come up with a more than decent compilation of business proposal templates, forms and waivers which are free for you to download and customize. These are quick to use so you can start impressing your boss or possible business partner right away.

  • Letter Template

    With the invention of emails and social media messaging, the art of writing and sending letters seems to be fading away. But let us face it, templates online are the best way to go — unless of course you’re willing to dig up past elementary school lessons on how to write letters. The best thing about looking for letter templates here is that you’re getting a very comprehensive set of easily customizable forms, waivers, and templates all free to download. So no matter what kind of letter it is you need to accomplish, we’ve got you covered right here.

  • Certificate Template

    Once upon a time, certificates were very serious and stiff. These days, certificates are needed at almost any occasion. They are needed for school, office, business, and so much more. This is why certificate templates and simple fillable forms are very handy to have. Luckily, we have all sorts of certificate templates for you to choose from. So, whether you are making a certificate for your own child, for little school children, for corporate function, or formal events, we have the cutest and best certificate templates right here – all free to download. You may want to take a look at waivers too while you’re here.

  • Budget Template

    If there is one practical advice that all finance experts give, it has to have a budget and stick to it. Whether you are a homemaker, a struggling college student, a budding entrepreneur, or any person from whatever walk of life - a budget is important to stay on track of your earnings and spending. This is what makes budget templates all the more crucial to have. You have come to the right place if it is free download of these kinds of budget forms you seek. We also have financial waivers more money related-templates you may need to see.

  • Ticket Template

    Ticket templates are awesome to have ready for teachers, business owners, event planners and even for homemakers. Tickets are great for adding that extra touch of awesome to any activity you are having. We have collated all forms of tickets available on the internet — from movie inspired to carnival themed to even the most serious ticket templates. After finding the perfect free download of your choice, you can quickly customize tickets with your event details and branding. We’ve also got waivers in case you need it for your event too. Aren’t you glad you’ve found a one-stop-shop for free download of templates?

  • Newsletter Template

    Some say that the digital age is killing print media. But experts know better - print media like newsletters are hotter these days because they are more novel now. Newsletter templates are great to have for business big or small, for the educational setting and even for non-profit organizations and worthy causes. Newsletters keep you target audience informed and interested so you better make it worth their time to read. Feel free to download and customize any of our newsletter templates, forms, or waivers and see just how big of a difference it makes in keeping your people posted.

  • Order Template

    By the sheer word “order”, we should already know it calls for something systematic. Order templates are crucial in any service or product-oriented business. This kind of document is vital in keeping track of what the clients ask for so they receive it and pay for it in the timeliest manner. Order templates can be the easiest to make if you know where to get started. Free templates and forms for download are your best bet. We have an entire library of order templates for you to choose from as well as all sorts of business-oriented waivers.

  • Plan Template

    The best laid plans are the ones that are written in black and white. There is no need to scramble around searching for a way to get started because we have all the possible plan templates, forms, and waivers you may need. No matter what event or project you have in your brilliant mind, we have just the right thing you need. We give you the forms to help make your planning a breeze so you have more time in the actual making you plan happen. The best part about it? They are all here in one place - free to download!

  • Financial Statement Template

    Taking care of financial statements can be a pain in the butt. This is especially true for the most of us who are not accountants or finance experts. Let’s be real here, no one enjoys the gruelling task of taking care of tax forms and financial statements. This is why we’re helping you out by providing free templates, forms, and waivers you can download and tweak. Why pay for someone to make you a financial statement form when you can download it here for free and use it instantly? Save money, time, and effort because the template you need is just a few clicks away.

  • Agreement Template

    Most people would prefer hiring a legal team just to come up with agreement forms of all sorts. While this idea seems great for big companies, it’s hardly practical for smaller businesses and freelance work. What are you to do then? Download our free agreement templates, forms and waivers, fill in with your pertinent details and have your papers notarized. It’s cost-efficient and as legally binding. If you’re not sure how to go about it, we have simple steps in this website too. Once you get the hang of it, you will always come back for more free templates for sure.